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Yes, There Is A 'White Backlash.' As There Should Be. | Ep. 832

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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00:00 - Opening
00:40 - The Daily Wire Sues The Biden Administration
03:06 - Yes, There Is A 'White Backlash.' As There Should Be.
14:20 - The Most Important Movement Of The 21st Century
15:04 - Biden Announces Vaccine Roll Out For Kids As Young As Five
22:41 - The Media Accuses The Daily Wire Of Influencing Virginia Election
28:00 - Psychiatrist Says Wearing Masks Has Psychological Effects
35:00 - Lost Hiker In The Mountains Ignores Calls From Rescuers Because They Didn't Recognize The Number
37:40 - The Comments Section
48:34 - Bad Drivers Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Daily Wire's legal fight against the Biden Administration officially begins. And, the media claims that the results in Virginia were the product of "white grievance" and "white backlash." They're not totally wrong. Plus, Pfizer's vaccine is now officially available to kids as young as five. Will a mandate be next? And what will happen if they try that? And mental health experts are finally admitting that masking has done psychological damage to people. I'm old enough to remember when such claims were dangerous, anti-science misinformation. 

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