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Where Is Tim Pool? Crew Of Timcast IRL Is Sick And No Show Until At Least Wednesday.

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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Tim Pool fans have been questioning where he is and with the cancellation of Timcast IRL more started to wonder. From his messages it sounds like the entire crew got sick and they needed to cancel for multiple days.

The updates:

Feeling a little sick. Doesn't seem serious but considering the time's we are in I'm going to take a day, maybe two. Mostly just a headache but don't want to risk anything. I will either see y'all tomorrow or monday

Crew Is Feeling a little under the weather so due to an abundance of caution we are going to take the night off. Predicting everything will be fine for tomorrow night but we will see

We have to cancel the show until at least Wednesday. Can't be more specific for now but I can say that we will have a huge show when we are back with serious news. Apologies everyone, but thanks so much for your support

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