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What ACTUALLY Happens in a CODE BLUE | Cardiac Arrest in the Hospital

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This week we are discussing CODE BLUE. This is in-hospital cardiac arrest in an adult patient. I discuss what a code blue is, who the members of the code team are and what their roles are, what we do during a code to attempt to resuscitate. I also talk about the reasons why someone's heart may have stopped. Finally, I explain the two different outcomes for the code: either the patient survives (ROSC: return of spontaneous circulation) or time of death is called.

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00:00 Intro
00:07 Code Blue
00:32 Code Team and Roles
02:10 MOST Important Part of the Code
03:10 Shocking (Defibrillation) and Intubation
04:50 Reasons for Code
05:02 Code Blue in Intensive Care Unit
05:59 Successful Resuscitation (ROSC)
06:57 Calling Time of Death

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About Me: I am an ICU doctor (intensivist) who is board certified in Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine. I make videos explaining the intensive care unit and other medical things.

I am A doctor but I am not YOUR doctor. This video is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitution for medical care and consulting with your own physician.

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