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Twitter Suspends The World’s Leading LGBT Children’s Author | Ep. 869

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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00:00 - Opening
02:03 - Twitter Suspends The World’s Leading LGBT Children’s Author
12:32 - AOC Announces She Has Contracted COVID
13:26 - The Supreme Court Meets To Discuss The Vaccine Mandates
23:47 - Evidence Shows That Omicron Might Also Be A Lab Leak
28:09 - A Teacher Locks Her Son In The Trunk Of Her Car While She Gets Tested For COVID
30:36 - The Outrage Mob Targets Glenn Consor Over Unfortunate Comment About Kevin Porter
38:55 - Jon Reyes Tweets Out Photo Of His Wife Shoveling The Snow
40:11 - The Comments Section
48:25 - Dr. Bob Wachtar Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the leading LGBT children’s author in the world was suspended from Twitter over the weekend. It was an appalling act of homophobia. But there is something even deeper and more important going on, which we’ll talk about today. Also, the CDC has finally started admitting to some basic truths about the covid virus. Just in time for the midterm elections, but that is a coincidence I’m sure. And a teacher stuffs her son in the trunk of her car so that he doesn’t give her covid. Plus, Navy bootcamp goes woke. And we must cancel a prominent doctor who posted a dramatic 25 tweet thread about his son’s battle with a mild cold. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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