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@Timcast IRL Clip Reaction (Young Men Struggle vs Older Men)

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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We will be reacting a Timcast IRL clip where the panel had a discussion about today's dating market. In the video, Tim, Mike Cernovich, and the rest of the panel discussed why and how young men are struggling to find dates. We will discuss how mainstream media is finally seeing RP truths.

Our Goal is to help men navigate women, finances, and fitness. As a community, we try to help men on these days:

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Full Timcast IRL clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzGCzxWf2W4&t=226s
Thank you to supporters/Debut of New Intro/Announcements 0:00-8:35
Who is Timpool? 8:35
Who is Mike Cernovich? 9:51
Video Analysis begins 15:15
The globalized sexual marketplace explained 16:39
23:27 the marketplace will become more globalized
Monogamy is for women, and average men...NOT top 5% men 33:12
Long term consequences happen to promiscuous women 37:57
Men are becoming invisible 39:35
Men are not under the same mating timelines as women 47:53
Social clout benefits you in 2021 59:40
Cold approach is becoming less common 1:06:30
Bumble released a new woke update 1:09:25
Society shames "alpha" men 1:15:39
Scientific proof that what women are attracted to is not what they publicly say 1:26:04
High value men attract the majority of women 1:38:31
There is no such thing as enforced monogamy 1:43:23
The family unit is under attack 1:51:50
Sexual marketplace future predictions 1:55:00



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