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The Philosophy of Tim Pool's

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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In this video, I'll be talking about a Song by political commentator & Podcaster Tim Pool, called Will of the People. If you wanna know more about Tim Pool & his show, feel free to check out the Timcast IRL show or the Timcast show. It's a great show with great people on it. From Ian Crossland & Luke Rudkowski all the way to Lydia & the guests they always have on.

Here's a link to the song if you'd like to check it out: https://youtu.be/B-iNIwAFzPw

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- This Channel is all about using NERDY Material to derive a deeper life lesson from it. To find *The Meaning of Life* through *The Meaning of NERD*馃挭馃徏
Throughout Life, we are tasked with finding our true purpose or at least with getting close to it. What many of us don't realize though, is how most NERDY material, like TV shows, Animes, Movies, Books & Games can help us out in said goal. How we can learn so many meaningful lessons from them.
It's all about opening your eyes to important life lessons and changing your perspective of your favorite childhood shows, animes, movies, books & games.
Hope you are here to stay & enjoy!

This video is part of an expanding series I'm working on called Music Philosophy that is all about Analyzing various Songs from a Philosophical standpoint.
馃搶Here's a link to watch them all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6ErqVmp-wE&list=PLFik-sIjLuwDd6o6zKg5KIEtF9Re_xt1o


0:00 Timcast IRL
00:45 Tim Pool's Will of the People
02:31 The Philosophy of the Will of the People
05:26 Teaser

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