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The Disgraceful Political Show Trial Of Kyle Rittenhouse | Ep. 827

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Mr. Nobody
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00:00 - Opening
00:42 - The Disgraceful Political Show Trial Of Kyle Rittenhouse
11:12 - Biba Adams Posts Rage Tweet About Toy Tank
14:00 - Daily Wire Reports That Terry McAuliffe Worked With Lawfirm That Fought Against Rapes On School Campus
20:58 - Loudoun County Students Walk Out In Protest Of The Sexual Assault Cover Up
22:33 - Minnesota School Board Imposes New Rules Limiting Parents Calling Out Specific School Board Members
28:41 - Armorer On Alec Baldwin Movie Has Had Many Complaints From Previous Films
35:02 - Social Media Influencer Under Fire For Photo Shoot In Front Of Fathers Casket
37:15 - Reading The Comments
44:02 - Yesterday's Commenters Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as the Kyle Rittenhouse case heads to trial next week, we’ll talk about the people who should really be standing trial for everything that happened in Kenosha last summer. Also, the Daily Wire breaks major news that could be the nail in the McAuliffe campaign’s coffin. And more damning information has come out about the armorer on the set of that Alec Baldwin movie. Was this a diversity hire gone wrong? Plus, an Instagram influencer poses for selfies next to her father’s coffin. And in our Daily Cancellation, I’m afraid I must cancel many of you in the audience. I don’t want to do it, but I must. 

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