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The BLM Riots Were A Million Times Worse Than January 6th | Ep. 868

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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Today on the Matt Walsh Carcast, yesterday’s January 6th festivities were as insufferable as expected. We’ll take a look at some of the lowlights. Also, we'll compare January 6th to the BLM riots of 2020 to see if we can determine which was worse. It’s not hard to determine because the competition isn’t close. Also, Nancy Pelosi told one of the most egregious lies we’ve heard from a politician in quite some time, which is saying something. And Russia has a plan to ship pedophiles off to penal colonies in the Arctic. Plus, Morgan Wallen survived his cancellation and went on to have the number one best selling album of the year. So why am I canceling him anyway today? We’ll talk about all of that and much more on the Matt Walsh Show. 

00:00 - Opening
01:01 - The BLM Riots Were A Million Times Worse Than January 6th
15:00 - Matt Complains About The Snow Again
19:04 - Nancy Pelosi And Joe Biden Lie About J6 And The Deaths Of Officers
27:27 - Russia Enforces New Punishment For Pedophiles
31:03 - Jared Fogle Shows Remorse Over Damaging His Career Over Convicted Pedophilia Charges
34:04 - Online Shopping Is Coming To The Metaverse
37:52 - A Social Media Who Influencer Sells Her Farts In A Jar Has To Close Down Her Shop After Hospital Visit
40:46 - The Comments Section
44:06 - Morgan Wallen Is Canceled

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