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Stevie Richards talks WWE vs AEW, ECW, XFL and Conspiracy theories | Dropkick DiSKussions (Ep. 8)

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In this episode of Dropkick DiSKussions, wrestling legend Stevie Richards discusses the importance of the WWE 24/7 Championship and how it’s different from the Hardcore title. He also reflects upon XFL’s new avatar and shares a lot of stories from his pro-wrestling days.

What's Inside?

00:59 - Hardcore Championship- 21 or 22?
03:05 - WWE 24/7 Championship
04:45 - XFL
07:38 - WWE, WCW or ECW?
09:28 - Stevie Night Heat
13:08 - Right to Censor
16:13 - Ring of Honor
19:41 - Tech Aficionado
23:24 - Stevie’s Fitness
30:02 - The Conspiracy Horsemen

Michael Stephen Manna, or Stevie Richards is a prominent figure from the era of the Monday Night Wars. He has been a part of all the major wrestling promotions during his tenure as a professional wrestler, be it WWE, ECW, Ring of Honor or even Impact Wrestling. Richards is also known for being a regular fixture in the independent wrestling circuit.

Stevie Richards’ wrestling career began with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), where he won the ECW Tag Team Championships with Raven on two different occasions. However, wrestling fans best remember his time in ECW for his involvement in the infamous Blue World Order (bWo), a parody of the legendary nWo faction.

After joining WWE, Richards underwent a serious character change and debuted the Right to Censor group with The Godfather, Bull Buchanan, Val Venis and Ivory. He somehow managed to survive the Invasion angle, got drafted to RAW and went on to become a record 21-time WWE Hardcore Champion (or is it 22?).

Another memorable stint of Richards is his ‘Stevie Night Heat’ run, when he used to be the self-proclaimed General Manager of a WWE program, known as Heat.

Apart from wrestling, Stevie Richards also possesses an immense love for technology, which is evident from his own technology podcast, ‘The T4 Show’. He’s also a firm believer in fitness and as a result, started the Stevie Richards Fitness program, where people are provided with varieties of fitness courses, based on their needs.

Dropkick DiSKussions features the former bWo member talking about all these points and also has him sharing stories about his days on the road with Randy Orton and Batista, his thoughts on the Wednesday Night Wars, his love of technology, Stevie Richards Fitness and conspiracy theories!

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