Now SLU Wants To Expel A Student For Associating With Me | Ep. 857

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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00:00 - Opening
02:12 - Now SLU Wants To Expel A Student For Associating With Me
11:49 - Matt Describes His Experience In Los Angeles
16:08 - Jan. 6 House Committee Reads Fox News Hosts Text Messages To Trump
19:19 - The Biden Administration Finally Addresses The Waukesha Parade Attack...Kinda
22:23 - Claire McCaskill Calls The Texas Abortion Law A Vigilante Law
24:49 - Elon Musk Named The Times Person Of The Year
29:19 - Sex And The City Sequel Goes Full Woke
34:05 - $5k Was Dropped Onto The Carpet At A Junior Hockey Game
39:46 - The Comments Section
47:38 - Drag Queen Pastor Craig Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Saint Louis University is still seething about the event I held there a few weeks ago, and now they’ve decided to take their frustrations out on an innocent student. One kid at the school faces possible explosion for hanging flyers for my event off campus. Also, the media is breathlessly reporting the fact that various Fox News hosts texted Trump Administration officials on January 6th begging Trump to speak out against the riot. But these text messages actually undermine their narrative about January 6th, I’ll explain why. And an MSNBC contributor says that the Texas abortion law will lead to vigilantes “hunting down foreigners.” In our Daily Cancellation, we will deal with the Methodist minister who appeared in drag on an HBO reality show. He’s the victim, he says, because he was forced to step down from his role after the episode aired. 

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