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Matt Walsh Says He Might Be A Sociopath

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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​@Matt Walsh presents us with his take on species that are going extinct, and it is a boring take. (He doesn't care.) Simply not caring that species are going extinct doesn't make someone ready for the @The Daily Wire. Walsh goes on to say that not only does he not care, but that environmentalists should be happy because of a reduction in carbon emissions and also that these environmentalists are all ecstatic when populations decline. In between all of this, he says might seem like a sociopath and that maybe he is. But back to the issue of environmentalists and "population" numbers: pure population numbers in sharp decline aren't appealing to anyone. No one seems to enjoy that. Declining *birth rates* would seem to appeal to people who are more focused on strained resources. The Majority Report crew discuss this man.

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Matt Walsh: If we're told that climate change is gonna kill us all, then why are we trying to keep other species around that are emitting, you know, with their carbon emissions? it adds up. So should we be celebrating this kind of thinning the herd a little bit? I don't know. But for climate change and environmentalists, they want to thin the herd among people. Not among the Bachman's Warbler or the ivory-headed woodpecker. That's what they want to do, so when they hear... this is how twisted these people... I know when I say I don't care if these species are going extinct you know people hear that and they're horrified by it. It sounds like I'm some sort of sociopath, and maybe I am yes, yeah. But consider the fact that for a lot of other people, when they hear about human populations declining, they're happy about that. They're more upset about...
Matt Lech: Let's imagine that there's a population of people, say fleeing weather conditions caused by climate change, at for instance, a border, and what does Matt Walsh think? Should we not allow them through or should we allow them through?
SS: Oh no, he cares about the people. He doesn't want them diminished.
Emma Vigeland: What about this vaccine mandates to help people, to prevent them from dying? I don't know if that fits squarely into his narrative.
SS: But I also like the equation of like just population trends versus extinction of species. But: Credit where credit's due. There was a lot of self-reflection that went into his questioning, and maybe saying, "Maybe I am a sociopath."
EV: "Sounds like I'm a sociopath. Maybe I am." That's something you might want to unpack.
SS: And i don't think he gets how ecologies work if he thinks that people's theory is let's eliminate as many species as we can, and therefore that will cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
Matt Lech: Ecological austerity.
SS: Honestly though, what's fascinating is, you do have these these environmental fascists on the Right. That guy who shot up people in Texas at the mall or at Walmart, wherever it was. That was his manifesto: We've gotta thin the herd with people. This is coming from the Right, incidentally.
EV: Tucker Carlson's been dancing around this for a while. Now they're going to try to funnel the generalized anxiety about climate change into their depopulation or overpopulation narratives.

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