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Matt Walsh: I Don't Believe Men And Women Are Equal

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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According to Matt Walsh, men and women should not have the same roles and responsibilities in society. In this #MRlive clip, @The Daily Wire tells his audience that he'd rather die than adapt to a changing world where women are drafted into the U.S. military. Emma Vigeland and the Majority Report crew have some bad news for this chivalry fan.

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Matt Walsh: Men are supposed to protect women from things like that. That's the job of men, in fact. Men go over to fight these battles, precisely so that the women and children don't have to experience the violence in the heart. That's the whole point.
Emma Vigeland: No, it's not the whole point. The whole point is to further our imperialist interests and to ensure u.s hegemony globally. The idea that a woman doesn't know how to press some buttons on these war machines, that we have — i'm not trying to disparage anybody in the military — but like we're not doing hand-to-hand Krav Maga in Iraq with like a 320-pound dude. I mean, look, it's gonna be fine.
Matt Lech: I'm six-foot-two like 170. I'm not a huge guy, but tall enough, and I thought about joining the Marines. And then you look at like, uh frankly, like the idea that a woman couldn't uh train herself to the point where you could even like carry like the heavy combat stuff and like fire the gun is just ridiculous. I mean what point is having the Olympics if for not realizing that actually they're capable of physical excellence too. We just don't socialize them toward that.
Emma Vigeland: And what the... and what the hell is this continued women and children narrative? Are we in 1912? I guess he is. I mean that's offensive in and of itself. To protect women and children, looping them in, I guess we're on, you know on board of the Titanic right now. But i guess let's let's take a listen to this:

Matt Walsh: If you're gonna just send your daughters in anyway, then what's the point. Now, my daughters will certainly not be signing up. I would go to prison before I'd ship them off to go fight in any war that's for sure. That is one law, if it is signed into law, that i will...
Emma Vigeland: So, like, look at how demented that is. I'll go to prison to make sure my daughters don't go to war, but i'll be proud as hell if my sons die for war. What like... Okay, so your ballast is just gender roles, not the murder of people. That's not the number one thing that's driving your morality.
Matt Lech: He's really harping on the gender thing because I think that makes the most intuitive sense to his sort of audience. Like I couldn't be in a foxhole next to a woman. But really like there's a larger project going on with the right in the military with regards to critical race theory particularly, and this is all that sort of thing like we're not we're moving away from war fighting prowess to like go soft or something like that, which is just like... Which is why also these people aren't allies in terms of of getting rid of the um of anti-war anti-war because they want war to be like just like um 'roided up white guys shooting guns into civilian tents, basically.
Emma: All right, we'll finish this off.
Matt Walsh: Happily disobey, and I can take that position without self-contradiction. Because I don't believe that men and women are equal. And I don't believe that they should have all the same roles or responsibilities in society. I've been very consistent about that for years. There's nothing that could ever make me abandon my stance on that issue. I would rather be dead than ever affirm the insane modern notion that there is no fundamental difference between men and women. I would prefer death over that. That's how strongly i feel about it.

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