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Matt Walsh and I Discuss Transgender Student Rights In Loudoun County (Feat. Matt Walsh)

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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Today we talk about how Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire had a really bad take about Transgender People, and why it is important to be kind and empathetic to all people. We also get into Loudoun County School Board approving guidelines on transgender student rights - and why Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire is actually a terrible person and a bigot.

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As a rightwing hack I take a lot of flack for advocating for the members of the trans community, but I think if we all take some time to listen - we might actually learn something. Also, if you are having trouble understanding trans issues, I heavily recommend talking with a Trans person about the things they experience in their lives - it might help you to better empathize with what it is like to be a trans person in the United States. In addition, do not take your pointers on Trans people from anyone at the Daily Wire - because they are terrible people.

From the article:

Or this one:

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I got that Gram:

Special thanks to Zigs for being an advocate for trans people everywhere.

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