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Matt Walsh and Adam Carolla on Viewpoint Censorship, Alec Baldwin, and Australia's COVID Crackd

0 Views· 01/20/22
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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Megyn Kelly is joined by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire host and author of "Johnny The Walrus," and Adam Carolla, host of "Truth Yeller" and The Adam Carolla Show, to talk about viewpoint censorship in 2021, Walsh being boycotted on a college campus, abortion before the Supreme Court, cancel culture hypocrisy, cultural decay, the Jussie Smollett trial and "hate hoax," the trans athlete issue, Alec Baldwin speaking out about the movie set shooting, the rise in "smash and grab" robberies in America, the faulty Democratic approach to solving problems, Australia's (and America's) COVID crackdown, the efforts to control Americans, and more.

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