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How Much Does BoostedBoiz Make On YouTube?

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How Much Does BoostedBoiz Make On YouTube?

If you enjoy the adrenaline of a quick car and want to find out more in their operation mechanism, chances are you know BoostedBoiz. Started in 2015, the crew consists of 4 friends led by Kyle Wade, and all happen to share a love for race cars and car mechanics. Now, let’s look at their income sources.

Let’s have a look at how much BoostedBoiz makes on YouTube.

AdSense - We estimate that BoostedBoiz currently makes $366 every single day

Merchandise earnings - Assuming BoostedBoiz makes a profit margin of 20% from the merchandise sales, their income would be an estimated $288.7k per year.

BoostedBoiz uses approximately 20% of their annual income to pay for crew expenses which is $45.8k leaving $243k liable for taxes.

BoostedBoiz pays $55,514 in federal taxes, and $12,449 in FICA taxes. This means that they take home $175k per year.

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