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COURAGE - Motivational Speech (2022)

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Everything worthwhile in life can only be obtained after at least one moment of COURAGE.

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Courage. Without it, you can not live a full life.

If you aren’t willing to take the RISK... you will lose the CHANCE.

If you don’t have the COURAGE to face your challenges... you will never get past your challenges and remain only a shadow of the person you could have been...

It takes COURAGE to be yourself in a world that expects you to CONFORM.
It takes COURAGE to STAND OUT in a world that expects you to FIT IN.
It takes COURAGE to go after your dreams - when most people seek security and comfort.
It takes COURAGE to get up when LIFE KNOCKS YOU DOWN.
It takes COURAGE to KEEP GOING when your life is falling apart.
It takes COURAGE to move on after your soul has been CRUSHED.
It takes COURAGE to have FAITH that everything will work out when there is NO SIGN anywhere that things will work out.

It takes COURAGE to say “I WILL KEEP GOING!” But you have to dig deep and find that courage. You MUST KEEP GOING. And things WILL GET BETTER.

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