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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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This is a wood automata project. The scene is a full cardiac arrest and is common in emergency medicine. It is often referred to as "Code Blue" and involves a standard sequence of events.
I decided there would be nine events in the sequence for this automata. The first four events are chest compressions. The 5th event is preparing to shock. The 6th event is delivering the shock (feet fly up). The 7th event is return shock person to normal position. The 8th & 9th events are the M.D. shaking his head indicating shock was unsuccessful. The sequence then repeats.
To sequence the nine events I used a 9:1 gear reduction, using a pair of 3:1 gear sets. Each time the hand crank turns one complete revolution, the primary shaft turns 1/9 of a 360 degree turn, or 40 degrees. Therefore each event has 40 degrees to do it's thing.
Each event is triggered by a cam mounted on one common shaft. Some of the cams have a "lobe" or a bump-out and others have a depression. All of the cams have a "Cam follower" which is an arm that follows the lobe or depression of the cam. Each cam follower is connected to one of the action figures on top with a wire.
It would have been nice to add another sequence to end in a successful conversion but......
One final note to those certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life support) - This sequence may not reflect current standards

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