Canada Outlawed Christianity And Nobody Noticed | Ep. 876

1 Views· 01/20/22
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Canada criminalized Christianity last week and nobody seems to have noticed. How did that happen? And are we on the same path in this country? Also, Michael Phelps speaks out about the trans athlete issue, sort of. Steven A Smith returns to the air to tell about his near death experience with COVID. But he seems to have learned the wrong lesson from the ordeal. And Whoopi Goldberg says that the GOP is going to try to remove voting rights from women. I have to admit that the ladies of The View do make a compelling argument for that policy change. Don Lemon on CNN condemns “idiots who do their own research.” And in our Daily cancellation, we’ll deal with the sports analyst who tried to prove his anti-racist credentials by bragging about his MLK memorabilia. It didn’t go well. 

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