Canada Officially Criminalizes Biology | Ep. 874

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Mr. Nobody
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00:00-00:40 Opening
02:31-14:55 Canada Officially Criminalizes Biology
15:01-18:33 Another Snow Storm In Tennessee Proves Climate Change Is Real
18:34-27:57 Terrorist Holds Hostages In Texas Synagogue Over The Weekend
27:58-33:56 Glen Youngkin Takes Office In Virginia
33:57-38:44 School District Defends After School Satan Club In Elementary School
38:45-45:54 The Comments Section
47:09-57:01 TikTok Influencer KhaeNotBae Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Canada has just effectively criminalized biblical sexual morality and biological science. They call it a ban on “conversion therapy.” We have laws like this in the United States too. But they are not what they first appear. We’ll discuss today. Also, a jihadist took hostages at a synagogue in Texas but the FBI, Biden, and the media are pretending to be puzzled about his motives. And if Glenn Youngkin’s first day as governor of my home state of Virginia is any indication, he is going to have a brilliant tenure. And what is an “after school Satan club”? We’ll find out. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show

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