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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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Jacob Viral's BIG Build Update on My Build of the 4th Order discussing SPL Topics, dB Numbers for low and high end scores, demos, and How to get louder.
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SP4v2 Plus Series – SP4 15v2+ , Fi SP4 Plus Subwoofers Fi Audio
7 Inch Dust Cape, 7" Fi Audio Dust Cap
PWX 6.5" Midrange Speaker - Crescendo Audio
Pioneer 80PRS, DEH-80PRS - CD Receiver
Hertz Sweeps
SPL Discussion
How to get louder on the meter
how to gain dbs
Meter Scores in Video
SPL 4th Order Build
Project SPL
SBC 1 to 4 RCA Distribution Block
Limitless Lithium 100ah
Limitless Lithium 70ah
Crescendo 6k, BassClef-6k - Crescendo Audio
NVX True Spec 1/0 Gauge 100% Copper Single Oxygen Free Wire
JS 350 Amp Alternator
CES 390 Amp Alternator
NVX Sound Deadner
NVX 0 Gauge OFC 100% Oxygen Free
8 Gauge Speaker Wire
Jims Machineworx - Amplifier Racks
7.0 Cubes Sealed, 40.0 Cubes Ported 4th Order
Tuned to 45Hz currently with 580sq. in Port
Peaks at 48Hz and 28Hz
Bandwidth: 24Hz to 54Hz
Lithium Front Battery Replacement Location
3M Adhesives & Tapes, 3M Tape for Decibels, DB TAPE
Jacob Viral Build Walk around
Youtuber Jacob Viral 4 15s System

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