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An Early Candidate For Biggest Coward Of 2022 | Ep. 865

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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00:00 - Opening
02:04 - An Early Candidate For Biggest Coward Of 2022
11:16 - Matt Decides To Let His Daughter Get Her Ears Pierced
13:44 - Florida Surgeon General Says He Wants To Move Away From Testing
20:53 - Can Weight-loss Help Protect Against COVID-19?
24:39 - NY State Department of Health Says 'White People Need Not Apply' For Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
28:40 - Media Declares We Are Not Allowed To Mourn Ashli Babbit On Jan 6th
34:47 - Arlington County Schools Proposes New Equity Grading System
38:51 - Matt Disses One Of The Best Superhero Movies To Ever Be Created: Spiderman
42:22 - The Comments Section
47:19 - Antonio Brown Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, in one of the most pathetic and cowardly displays we’ve seen in a long time, a comedian issues a lengthy written apology for taking a picture with Dave Chappelle. What can we learn from this sad spectacle, if anything? And is it time to stop our obsession with taking COVID tests? The Florida surgeon general thinks so. Plus, a school district in Virginia stops grading homework assignments in the name of racial equity. And an NFL player storms off the field in the middle of a game, but is he really a victim in the middle of a mental health crisis? Is anyone responsible for their actions anymore or is every bad thing just the result of poor mental health? 

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