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"White Privilege Tax" Video: Mark Dice Ignorant Of American History, Black History, Too

Mark Dice is a YouTuber who made an insulting video on his channel, where he shows himself wasting good time walking around San Diego, asking anyone black he encounters for signatures for a "White Privilege Tax". In this act, Mark Dice insults the people he interviews, shows he's racist, and demonstrates total ignorance of black and American History - let alone his own origins. He also proves he does not understand the reparations discussion.

The couch-potato "conservatives" who like his video are insulting to true conservatives. Racism and slavery are crimes against humanity; to support either one is to admit that one is a law-breaker. Keep that in mind. One can be against reparations but understand the reason for the idea of reparations; Mark Dice and his fans don't understand the reason - which means they're really behind the intellectual 8-ball.

My reasons for my claims are in the video. Moreover, if someone black says you're racist, don't tell them you;'re not. It's insulting to their intelligence and history.

Mark Dice is not a true conservative, who favors free enterprise and private ownership, but a person motivated by an unhealthy dislike for an increasingly diverse society. He does not understand or know the conservative foundations of mathematical economics or policy analysis, and has no idea how to build analytical models of government spending effectiveness. In my opinion, Dice's sole motivation for media production is based on race-related topics in popular culture, nothing more.

Stay tuned.

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