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25 Weird Pixar Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

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Mr. Nobody
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Since the creation of Reddit, fans have had the opportunity to discuss their own personal theories on films to no end and with total reckless abandon. While some of them are totally outlandish and borderline absurd, there are actually some that hold weight. We have curated a list of our twenty five favourite Pixar theories that we believe might actually be true. We’ll be looking at conspiracy theorist Jon Negroni theory that suggests that every single Pixar movie is interconnected starting with Pixar’s very first movie Toy Story and up until now. Negroni explains how in Brave animals took on human characteristics when the queen turns into a bear, and over the course of time animal intelligence grew and they were able to walk, talk and dress themselves. In addition, we’ll be covering which characters are related (spoiler, it has to two with a man who only wears loin clothes and two chilling sisters) as well as what lies beneath the hood of the characters in Cars. We’ll discuss how powerful emotions and memories are in the Pixar universe and dive into some darker theories that suggest some characters are not what they seem. Ever wonder where the monsters in monsters inc came from? Or why Andy’s dad in Toy Story is never around? All your questions will be answered in our video and you’ll leave with your mind fully blown. Kick back, relax, and join us on this journey as we sift through the best Pixar theories out there.

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