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1st Amendment Audit Montery County Probation Department FAIL!!!

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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody
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1st Amendment Audit Montery County Probation Department FAIL!!!

In this audit I walk around a few areas of the Monterey County Probation Dept. to get a few shots when almost immediately I was approached by some employees that did not like me recording them. Then Charles assaulted me by getting up in my face so close he touched my body (NOT WEARING A MASK) then assaults me by HITTING my hand hard enough to injure my pinky finger and knock phone out of hand cracking my screen or screen cover.

Keep in mind this facility is in the middle of town with houses apartments and businesses surrounding this location, it’s not hidden out in the woods or up in the mountains or on an island yet they still freak out when I video record from a distance.

Supervisor Ochoa should’ve deescalated the situation before getting to this point.

Update: I have filed a complaint with the probation department as well as called 911, went to Dr. on Duty, and now looking for the right attorney to represent me.

I understand these audits I do are not everyone’s cup of tea however: Charles could’ve simply ignored me and went home to his family, he’s also definitely welcome to voice his opinion, or call his supervisor and if feeling really threatened or violated call the police but to get up in my face breathing on me (without a mask) touching my body with his stomach or chest and then to hit my hand injuring my pinky knuckle knocking my phone out is unacceptable guys!

Thanks for checking out my latest audit.

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