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It's important to know the Rebassed Red and Blue apps were developed to be used by anyone, and note that the ONLY thing they retrieve from Rebassed is the music. Your email probably isn't loaded in the app, nor will it have your playlists, or likes, or any other information from, so if you login to you probably won't be able to login to the apps unless you create an account through the apps. It's easy and quick, no email verification or anything.

The apps allow you to listen for free, they are ad supported, and they are encrypted, meaning the music you download will only be able to play through the app. You cannot take the music elsewhere, copy it, or play it on any other device unless that device also has the same style app. So you can install Red App on all devices, copy the music, and play it on all devices. If you install Blue and try to play music you downloaded with the Red app it's not going to work.

I didn't do this to make things complicated. I'm still testing everything, learning, and developing more and more, but to do that I need variety so I can see what works, what works better, and what doesn't work.

Any questions, reply to this video, or send an email to [email protected]

As always the easiest way to utilize on your mobile device(s) is to use Chrome on Android, or Safari on iOS. When all the testing and sorting is done with these apps, THEN I will release the final Pro version.

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Both Rebassed Red and Blue are available in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and they work great. iOS native applications will be available as soon as Apple allows manual installations on their devices, as they simply will not approve any Audio Apps we submit.

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⁣Open then press F12 to open the developer console
Open network tab
Filter only XHR requests (If no results found click any song or refresh the page)
Choose the first XHR request
Copy value between "client_id=" and "&"