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Idiots In Cars - Caught On Dash Cam

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Frankie's 1,100HP Supercharged '86 Buick Regal T-Type with a sequential transmission so sit back and enjoy the ride..

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Mr. Nobody
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If a person needed proof to see how upside down the world has become, then look no further than the world's treatment of “conspiracy theorists”. Never has a group of people been so right, so often, yet gaslit so hard. Caricatures and stereotypes of conspiracy theorists have created a stigma so deep that even when people agree they say “I’m not a conspiracy theorist but…”. That sounds an awful lot like the people who say they aren’t a racist before saying something racist. Maybe it’s time the title of conspiracy theorist should be embraced. How many times does a person need to be right before they level up to Nostradamus? I mean, conspiracy theorists got more right in the last year than Nostradamus got in four centuries, I think some credit is overdue.

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