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Mr. Nobody
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We are all broken in our own ways, but some of us are lucky enough to have that special someone who is there for us. They accept us, and don't always like us, but they love us unconditionally. We love them unconditionally also, but do the wrong things, say hurtful words, and make mistakes that seem unforgiveable. Still, they remain by our side, and help us up every time. This goes out to those special people. You save our lives every single day. Thank you, I love you!

Mr. Nobody
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I am broken. I will always be broken. I can never be fixed, but at least I can count on you accepting me, helping me, tolerating me, and not replacing me. I love you.

Mr. Nobody
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Flippin that paper!

Mr. Nobody
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THIS was a CRAZY System with ONLY 2 Subs doing some real damage to my ears and body! What did you think of that FLEX?
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THIS was a very impressive system for only two subs as you saw in the video. It was playing into the TEENS as well which made it even more fun to show you in the video with all the flex scene. It was doing some real damage to the doors with great sub flex action as well. It's not everyday you see a clean system like this from a 6th order bandpass 2 18s build so give it a like and comment to let the owner know how good of a job his system is not just for looks but also for the demo level he gave today. See yall in tomorrow's video!

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